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A Love Story Sparked by Mutual Friends - Joe & Ashley

How did you and your partner meet?

"Her Coworker suggested we should meet up!"


Describe the moment you knew they were the one: 

"When I felt I couldn't go a day without missing her - that's when I knew she was right for me."


Can you share the details of the proposal?

"Four Mile Beach, near Santa Cruz, CA. I didn't have anything specific planned, I just wanted a nice, quiet, and private spot to ask her. We did a small walk to this spot that overlooked the beach and the ocean near sunset; when I asked her, it was perfect. 

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How did you celebrate the Engagement?

"We went out later that night to a hockey game and for some drinks."


Do you have any advice or tips for others planning a proposal?

"Do something you both enjoy, what's in your budget, and don't be influenced by what you see on social media." 


Could you share your experience with selecting and purchasing your Engagement ring from Point No Point Studio?

"Ashley was looking for a Black diamond and rose gold band. None of the "mall retailers" had anything remotely close to what she would've liked. I turned to Instagram and found Point No Point Studio. I emailed them with what I was looking for and they replied quickly with several options within my budget. They even scheduled a video appointment to meet with a staff member to walk me through the buying process. I ended up purchasing a "Ready To Ship" Engagement Ring, which needed to be resized. The staff kept me up to date with emails throughout the process, and about 3 weeks later I received this beautiful ring. Everything about my Point No Point Studio experience was 5 stars. 

My Fiancée LOVES her Engagement ring - everything about it is *her*. When it's time for wedding bands, she's looking forward to selecting the matching band for her Ava setting. Buying an engagement ring without seeing it in person can be intimidating, but I cannot recommend Point No Point Studio enough. My Fiancée and I LOVE her ring, and she's super proud to wear it and show it off!"

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What was the most memorable part of your wedding?

"We're looking forward to our wedding in 2025!"

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