About Our Materials

Our studio is committed to providing our customers with high quality fine jewelry without compromising our ethical or sustainable values.  Our jewelry is crafted exclusively using 100% recycled metals and we carefully select diamond supply partners who are also committed to providing top quality diamonds that are conflict-free. Any diamond can be certified upon request.

About Our Stones

The '4Cs'

Most people have heard of ‘the 4Cs’ when it comes to grading diamonds; color, clarity, cut, and carat. This scale is widely used across the engagement ring industry as an indicator of the ‘value’ of a diamond. Here at Point No Point Studio, we believe that the 4Cs, while important, shouldn’t be the only indicator of what is considered to be a beautiful diamond.

The value of the color, clarity, and cut of the diamond are all subjective to each individual; one bride may find a flawless clear brilliant cut diamond to be beautiful, while another favors a unique speckled rose cut diamond. The speckled diamond would be considered an ‘imperfect diamond’ according to the clarity scale, however beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Rose Cut

The rose cut diamond, so named because the facets are intended to look like an opening rose-bud, have a flat bottom with a domed top, which allows for a lower profile than a standard brilliant cut diamond with a taller culet.

Rose Cut Profile
Rose cut diamonds are also hand-cut, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. Coupled with the fact that they are natural, non-enhanced and feature unique inclusions that give the diamond its own color and character, it's easy to see why we favor this antique and timeless cut!

Why we love them:

    • Allows for a lower profile setting 
    • Larger surface area with less overall weight 
    • Hand-cut so no two are exactly alike 
    • Allows for endless design opportunities for unique, one-of-a-kind looks 
    • The uniqueness of each diamond ensures that no other bride will have the same diamond
    • Spellbinding inclusions that give color & inner marbling with no impact on durability


Raw diamonds are another natural material that we love to work with - they can be referred to as raw, rough, or uncut diamonds. Uncut diamonds are just that - they are diamonds that have not been cut or manufactured in any way; they are left in the beautiful, raw state that Mother Nature formed them into. Since these diamonds are unaltered in any way, you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind stone.

Uncut Profile

All raw diamonds that are imported into the United States must meet the strict requirements of the Kimberley Process, ensuring that all diamonds being traded are conflict free. Click here to learn more about the Kimberley Process.

We are very selective of our diamond suppliers - we only partner with suppliers who are committed to ethically sourcing high quality diamonds.

Clear Uncut:
Clear raw diamonds are both high in quality and value, as well as hard to come by - clear rough diamonds are typically cut down and faceted into traditional brilliant cut diamonds. You can see through clear uncut diamonds, and they tend to have a smooth, naturally polished appearance.

De Beers owns a majority of the world’s diamond mines, and of the diamond mines that they own, whatever is extracted of cuttable quality is cut down and faceted. This leaves few mines in the world to produce high grade cuttable quality clear raw diamonds that our suppliers can source from. Because there are less available on the market, this adds to their rarity and value.

Why we love them:

    • Unique, unconventional, and unexpected 
    • Beautiful, one-of-a-kind 
    • Earthy and pure - made by Mother Nature 
    • Distinct design opportunities 
    • Conflict Free

Brilliant Cut

Although most of our designs feature rose cut diamonds, we do still have a soft spot for the more traditional brilliant cut diamond. Since we don't create many designs using brilliant cuts, you can rest assured that the ones we offer feature stunning diamonds that we just couldn't pass up.

Brilliant Cut Profile

A brilliant cut diamond is meant to gather the light from above and reflect it back to the observer, or direct it into the diamond's interior. The crown's facets gather and disperse light to create brilliance and brightness.

Here at Point No Point Studio we pride ourselves on offering an array of alternative bridal options for brides who are searching for something more distinctive; although brilliant cut diamonds are one of the most widely used stones in the engagement ring market, we put our own twist on them by seeking out unique and stunning brilliant cuts (perhaps they feature an interesting inclusion, are more grey or salt & pepper in color, etc.).

Why We Love Them:

    • Mixing tradition with modern and unique design ideas 
    • Perfect for the bride who doesn't want to completely divert from a classic engagement ring, but wants her own spin on it

Diamond Colors & Translucency

The diamonds that we work with can vary in color and translucency; here is a crash course to make sure we are speaking the same language.

This one is fairly self explanatory, but a clear diamond is a 'see through' diamond with no distinctive color to it. There may be slight inclusions to add character to the diamond, but we select diamonds with interesting inclusions that have no impact on the durability of the diamond.

Salt & Pepper (‘Speckled’)
Salt & Pepper (or ‘speckled’ diamonds) are mostly clear with white, grey, or black ‘salt & pepper’ like flecks. This style of diamond has become quite desirable in the last few years.

A translucent diamond may be any color and may have selective inclusions, but you are able to see through most of or parts of the diamond.

Opaque diamonds can be any color and can have many tones and depth to it, but it is not translucent or see through.

Other Stones

We offer a variety of designs, most of which feature interesting and unique diamonds. We do offer designs that would also work with other gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc. We source natural and un-enhanced gemstones, however lab created stones (moissanite, for example) can be procured upon request. If you have a custom request for a design using a specific gemstone, please reach out via info@pointnopointstudio.com or use our custom order inquiry form and we are happy to discuss further.

About Our Metals

Metal Sources

Here at Point No Point Studio, we are committed to responsibly and sustainably sourcing our materials. We are a proud Harmony Authorized Partner; our jewelry is crafted exclusively using 100% recycled metals. Every piece is hallmarked with a purity stamp.

Harmony Recycled Precious Metals


As a Harmony Authorized Partner, all of our jewelry is created using 100% recycled metals. Our material supplier, Hoover & Strong, is audited each year by SCS Global Services and have always passed SCS’s strict sustainability guidelines to ensure our materials are 100% environmentally and ethically responsible. Recycled gold and sterling silver are the same color and molecular composition as non-recycled metals. The raw metal has been refined from non-mined sources such as reclaimed jewelry, silverware, old coins, etc.

SCS Global Certification



Often romanticized with gold rushes of the past, gold mining is actually a dangerous and dirty business. Modern industrial gold mining can create large amounts of toxic waste and destroy natural landscapes and ecosystems, putting human and animal lives at risk. Many mines dump their waste into nearby natural bodies of water; even mines with good intentions who build dams to prevent contaminating the surrounding environment have little control over toxic seepage into soil and groundwater. Environmental and health issues aside, gold mining is also backbreaking work with most miners living in poverty and working in severe and unregulated labor conditions (including child labor). These are just a few of the reasons why we choose to use recycled precious materials. Click here to learn more.


Types of Metal

  • Sterling Silver
  • 10k (White, Yellow)
  • 14k gold (Rose, White, Yellow)
  • 18k gold (Rose, White, Yellow)
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

Rhodium Plating

More precious than platinum or palladium, we enjoy working with rhodium not only for the unique look it gives to our pieces, but also because it is a noble metal (resistant to corrosion), hypoallergenic, and nickel free. We white rhodium plate all of our women’s and men's 14k white gold rings for a pristine bright white finish. To clean a rhodium plated item, you never want to use anything abrasive (chemical cleaners, brillo pads, soaps with granules, etc.); we recommend using a gentle soap with water, and pat dry with a soft cloth (not a polishing cloth).