Returns & Exchanges

We accept returns and exchanges for most items at full price given that the following conditions are met:

    • Buyer must contact us within 7 days of receiving purchase.
    • Approval is needed before sending back item.
    • Item must be returned in unused condition within 5 days.
    • All original packaging and certifications must be returned with item.
    • Buyer must cover return shipping costs.
    • Initial shipping fees and any duty taxes paid will not be refunded.
    • Any item that was resized prior to sending to you; the amount for the resize will be deducted from your refund amount. 

    The following items are not available for return or exchange:

      • Items that have been altered or changed per your request
      • Custom designs
      • Personalized or Engraved items
      • An item that you intend to keep but need a different size - you cannot 'exchange' or 'return' the ring for the same style but in the correct size; you will need to pay a resizing fee so we are paid for our time, labor, and materials. Contact info@pointnopointstudio.com for more information

    **Gifts and Proposals**

    If you are purchasing an item for a gift or proposal and the time frame listed above regarding returns and exchanges doesn't work, please contact us prior to your purchase.

    **Canceling Order Prior to Shipment**

    Transactions cancelled within 24 hours from the date of purchase will receive a full refund. A 25% restocking fee is retained if a transaction is cancelled more than 24 hours after the date of purchase to cover material and labor costs.

    Custom Order Process

    We would love to work with you to create a piece of custom jewelry. Because this piece is made specifically based on your specifications, it is not returnable or exchangeable. Any of our in stock and already listed items are returnable and exchangeable.

    Once you reach out to us with your custom order specifications we will work with you through email to go over all the details of the piece.
    We will be able to provide pricing once we have the details of the setting, gold type and exact stone choice.

    After landing on a design, if you decide that you want to go ahead and order the custom piece we have discussed we will create a custom link for you that will include a written spec outline of the piece to be created and will be for the full price of the piece. The listing must be purchased within 24 hours.

    We will start working on the piece for you once you have made the full payment for the custom listing.

      • Your payment also reserves the loose stone so no other customers can purchase it
      • We do not accept deposits and/or reserve any stones without payment.
      • We accept credit & debit cards, PayPal, PayPal Echeck and Apple Pay

    Once you have made your payment it will take us on average 4-6 weeks to make a custom piece depending on the difficulty of the piece.

    Please contact us to begin the process.


    The time it takes for resizing depends if you have diamonds in your ring band or not. If you have a plain band, resizing typically takes 1-3 weeks depending on the size of our queue at any given time. If you have diamonds in the band, it can take 3-4 weeks. 


    Customer pays for the materials and labor of resizing as well as the cost of shipping.

    Please reach out to info@pointnopointstudio.com for further instructions on where and how to send your ring back, and how much your resizing will be based on your ring design. 

    Ceramic Plating

    Ceramic Plating

    We enjoy working with black ceramic since it gives many of our mens rings a rustic, non-traditional look. It is also hypoallergenic and nickel free. The ceramic coating is bonded to the metal with an electroplating process, and then it is baked in an oven for further strength. 

    *Please note that you may notice a tiny marking on your ring where you can see the metal underneath.  This is unfortunately an unavoidable by-product of the plating process. Since we hand make each ring to order, we plate the rings using a ceramic solution that requires a 'metal on metal' conductivity in order for the plating to work. The small spot you see is where a tiny copper wire is placed in contact with the band for the electro-current to allow the plating to adhere to the ring. We use the thinnest copper wire possible to minimize any noticeable markings. 

    Please note that this is a PLATING, and it will wear with time. Each person is different, and we can't give estimates as to how long the plating will last. To clean a ceramic plated item, you never want to use anything abrasive (chemical cleaners, brillo pads, soaps with granules, etc.); we recommend using a gentle soap with water, and pat dry with a soft cloth (not a polishing cloth).

    We offer free re-plating for up to a year after the original date of purchase; after that it is a $15 charge to cover material/labor. Click here to purchase re-plating.

    If you want a permanently black ring, we recommend looking for a tungsten or titanium ring; please note these metals are difficult, if not impossible, to resize and we do not work with them.

    White Rhodium
    We white rhodium plate all of our women’s 14k white gold rings for a pristine bright white finish. We can also white rhodium plate sterling silver bands (men’s or women’s) upon request free of charge if you are concerned about sterling allergies.

    As with the black ceramic plated rings, we offer free re-plating for up to a year after the original date of purchase; after that it is a $15 charge to cover material/labor.


    Items under $1000 USD: Will be mailed with USPS Priority Mail. Average delivery is 2-3 business days for US address. International address 6-10 business days. Shipment includes tracking updates and insurance. Customs may open and inspect a package, this will add to the delivery time.

    Items over ~ $1000 USD: Will be mailed with USPS Priority Mail Express. Shipment includes tracking updates and requires a signature. Orders are sent fully insured. International orders- customs may open and inspect a package, this will add to the delivery time.

    Signature confirmation: If you do not want a signature confirmation you must notify us of this and you are assuming any responsibility for delivery. Items mailed without signature are not available for insurance and PNP Studio cannot be liable for any lost or stolen items.


    International Shipping

    Canada and Mexico: All of our items qualify for NAFTA certification - All items shipped to Canada and Mexico will come with a NAFTA certification. NAFTA certification reduces or eliminates duties. NAFTA only applies to Canada and Mexico shipments.

    Import Duty & Taxes:

    On international shipments you may have to pay import duty and tax on your item. Import tax or duty is a tax collected on imports by the customs authorities of a country. For example if the item is shipped from the US to the UK then revenue from the duty goes to the government of the UK. Import duty and tax rates are determined by the country upon import.

    Businesses such as ours don't collect or profit in any way from the duty tax and PNP Studio is in no way responsible for the tax that has to be paid. The duty and tax are set by the government we don't know what the amount of the tax is, or the percentage. The duty/ tax is the responsibility of the purchaser. PNP Studio is not responsible for this tax and we will not reimburse your for this tax.

    If you want to inquire about this, contact your countries mail system; THIS WEBSITE has potentially helpful information. PNP Studio is not responsible for calculating taxes or fees. 

    Please make sure your address is correct upon checkout. We will ship to the address provided unless otherwise requested.

    *We cannot mark your shipment as a gift to avoid paying taxes* 

    Express Fabrication & Shipping:

    Express fabrication and shipping is available for some items for an additional charge - this is rare and on a case by case basis. Many of our customers ask to expedite their items, so based on the size of our queue at any given time this option may or may not be available, since if we accepted all expedited requests our other orders would quickly fall behind.

    Please contact us prior to purchase if you need an item fabricated quickly and sent with express mail to make sure we can meet your request. The cost of express service is for express fabrication or resizing and for express delivery in the domestic US.

    To add express domestic delivery for orders being shipped with USPS, please purchase THIS LISTING. 

    Loose Stones

    Our Loose Stones Page shows some of our current inventory of available loose stones we can use to make custom rings. If you are interested in this please visit our Custom Order Information on our FAQ page (above). Our loose stones do not have a price listed and do not show an "add to cart" button because they are not for individual sale. You cannot purchase a loose stone. If somehow you are able to submit a zero dollar value order for a loose stone you will not be given the stone or sent the stone and this will not allow you to reserve the stone. Any "orders" that are somehow placed for the loose stone itself will be void and canceled.

    Finding Your Size

    We suggest finding your ring size by either going to a local jeweler to have your finger sized. Or we are happy to mail you a free plastic ring sizer in the mail. If you need to convert your size please use this chart Ring Size Chart.

    *Men's rings/women's bands/all items that are not one of a kind; Please do not purchase multiple sizes in the same ring and then return all the ones that do not fit; this also applies if you received your ring and want to exchange for another size - we make each ring by hand so it takes a considerable amount of time to make each ring. We need a way to recoup our time, labor, and materials used on your made to order ring - Please purchase one size and we can resize it for you if it does not fit.


    Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and harsh chemicals. Remove jewelry during sports activities, housework and outdoor activities. Remove all jewelry when in a swimming pool or hot tub. Diamond and gemstone jewelry can be washed using mild soap, warm water and a soft bristle brush. Carefully rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth. Rough diamonds: to remove debris from the stone, make a paste with baking soda and water. Using a soft bristle brush rub the paste into the diamond. This also will gently clean the metal.


    We make our rings to last, and they are durable and suitable for everyday wear. However, if something were to happen to it, we stand behind our products and will repair/replace the item if the issue is a result of manufacturing (you need the prongs tightened, etc) for a period of one year from the purchase date.

    Past that, if you'd like insurance on the ring you would need to find an outside company to do so. We recommend Jeweler's Mutual.

    Any additional work done on our jewelry (sanding, cutting, soldering, polishing, etc.) by any jewelry company other than us, Point No Point Studio, voids our warranty. 

    Diamond Certification

     The listing description will have a sentence in it stating if the diamond comes with a certificate. If it doesn't already include a certificate we can have the diamond certified for you at a cost of $80 US dollars. Sending a ring in for certification will add 2-3 weeks on to the processing time. All certifications come from accredited nationally recognized 3rd party, gem lab.

    Can We Meet Up? Can I call/FaceTime you? 

    Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a physical retail shop to have customers visit. Please check out our Vendor's Page to view our jewelry in person.

    We don't have a corporate phone number - email is best for us as it allows us to keep our customer conversations straight, and it also allows us the time to actually complete our orders <also our studio is quite noisy!> Please email info@pointnopointstudio.com for any questions, we are happy to help!

    Do You Accept Installments,
    Deposits or Holds? What about Financing?

    We do not accept holds or deposits - we accept payment in full up front.
    We don't offer financing ourselves, but you can apply for a line of credit through Paypal. CLICK HERE for more information. 
    Here is how it works:
    What you do is go to Paypal using the link above, apply for the credit. Then after you've been approved Paypal will put the funds into your Paypal account. Then you can purchase the ring through our website using Paypal.

    What is Recycled Gold/Silver?

    Recycled sterling silver and gold is the same color and molecular composition as non recycled metals. The refiner we purchase raw materials from has been committed to providing socially and environmentally-responsible products. The raw metal has been refined from non mined sources such as reclaimed jewelry, silverware and coin precious metal. No metal from mining companies has been used. It isn't any cheaper it is actually more expensive it is better for the environment.

    Click here to learn more about the metals we use.

    When Will My Order Ship?

    Please read the listing description of the item you purchased. The fabrication/ resizing and shipping time will all be stated in the listing. Once you have placed an order you will receive an email confirmation. The confirmation email will go to the email you entered in upon checkout. Once the order has shipped out you will receive an email along with the tracking number.

    Can You Use My Own Stones or Older Jewelry to Create a Custom Piece?

    Yes, we can use your stones to create a custom piece for you. We cannot, however, repurpose or recycle the gold - we have our own recycled gold refiner that we use. If you send us a completed piece, we can remove the stones necessary for the design (for an additional $25 fee, or you can send us loose stones) and we will send back the ring or any leftover stones to you along with your new piece.

    We will work with you on a design and style that would work within your budget - you will need to decide if you want to use only the stones from your original piece, or if you would like us to supplement your diamonds with new diamonds to achieve the design you want. The labor, design process, communication, and CAD modification is what makes up the bulk of the cost of your piece.

    • Here's what to expect:

       • After you reach out and tell us what you are looking for, you must purchase a custom deposit fee - This allows us to set aside the time to dedicate to your job.  After we've finalized the design with you, we can then provide a price quote and a CAD design.
       • After the CAD has been approved by you, you would pay for the total price of the piece. Once you have paid, you will need to ship your ring or stone to us. We are not responsible for the shipment of the ring or stone.
       • Once we receive your stone(s)/piece(s), we will evaluate if the size of the stones we used in the CAD design need to be adjusted.
       • Once we have your stones to evaluate, we will confirm the final CAD design.
       • After this final design has been approved by you, we will add your piece to our queue to begin work.
       • Custom orders take 4-6 weeks from the time we have all of the following: your payment in full, your final approval of the design, and the stones required to make the piece.
       • We will ship your piece using FedEx (includes full insurance, tracking, and signature confirmation).

    Can You Make a Custom Wedding Band to Fit My Engagement Ring?

    Yes, we can make a custom wedding band to fit your engagement ring, regardless if your ring was purchased through us or elsewhere (or is an antique/vintage ring.)

    There are two ways to start the process, both of which require you to email info@pointnopointstudio.com:

    1. We can make some style suggestions for you from the website based on your engagement ring, and you can purchase a wedding band that is already listed on our website for the price shown. Since this option would not be customized, it will more than likely not be an exact match and the rings will likely not stack perfectly. The ring band profiles may also be different.

    2. If you want something that is going to stack flush or work with your specific engagement ring and also have the band profiles match, we would need you to send in your engagement ring and we would custom create something for you - either a completely new style band, or a customized version of an existing design that would fit to your engagement ring. The custom version would be more expensive than the stock version, and depending on complexity you will likely need to pay a CAD deposit if you wish to see renderings of your custom band. When we have landed on a design and you have paid for the price of the ring, you will need to ship your engagement ring to us. We are not responsible for the shipment of the ring to us.