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From Café Friends to Forever - Alison & Matt's journey to Marriage

How did you and your partner meet?
"We met the old fashioned way, Matt was a regular at the café i was managing. We were friends at first and we slowly worked our way towards a relationship." 
Describe the moment you knew they were The One:
"There was always a serendipitous feeling that neither of us could ignore, we just knew as cliche as it sounds."
Can you share the details of the proposal?
"Initially, we were supposed to have our proposal in France, but Covid had other plans. Matt pivoted & booked a room for us at La Valencia in La Jolla. He knew i had always wanted a boho picnic, so he planned one at the park overlooking the ocean."
Point No Point Studio, Salt and Pepper Diamond, Alternative
How did you celebrate after the Engagement?
"We went to the restaurant at the hotel, it was magical."
Could you share your experience with selecting and purchasing your Engagement ring from Point No Point Studio?
"I had been following Point No Point Studio since 2013 and always knew that when the time came I would want my ring from the studio. The beauty of an Engagement ring from Point No Point Studio is that every single one is unique, I wanted a ring that tiptoed the line between classic and Non-traditional. I knew I wanted a Rose Gold Engagement ring with a lighter toned Pear Diamond and the team at Point No Point Studio helped us find the perfect ring! It was a breeze honestly."
salt and pepper diamond, Point No Point Studio, Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring
What was the most memorable part of your wedding?
"Honestly, our whole wedding was memorable but we just loved being able to celebrate our love with our closest family and friends, including our little monster Rhino."
Salt and Pepper Diamond, Point No Point Studio, Boho Wedding Inspo
Salt and Pepper Diamond, Point No Point Studio, Wedding Inspiration
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