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A Deep Dive Into Salt & Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings

Ever since the “Diamonds Are Forever” campaign took the world by storm and changed the jewelry industry as we know it, there’s been a specific idea of the “perfect” engagement ring. It’s sparkling and white–and the bigger, the better.

If traditional, tried, and true is what you want, then the diamond described above fits the bill. We’d never dissuade anyone from getting the ring they want, especially when talking about an engagement ring as exquisite as the Translucent Pear Diamond Engagement Ring.

Translucent pear diamond engagement ring

However, not everybody likes taking the traditional approach. In fact, only an alternative engagement ring with a unique diamond will satisfy the tastes of some special souls. Provided you prefer to travel off the beaten path, a Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring could be the ideal choice for you.

Now, you wouldn’t be the first to ask, what is a salt and pepper diamond ring? After all, it’s not always the first option that comes to mind when popping the question.

Fortunately, we’re providing a detailed explanation about this unique diamond. The information provided might give you the nudge to choose the salt and pepper stone for an alternative engagement ring that allows the soon-to-be bride to stand out from the crowd.

What is a salt and pepper diamond

What Is A Salt And Pepper Diamond?

Understanding the salt and pepper diamond requires a grasp of the diamond formation process, which occurs about 100 miles below the earth’s surface.

High pressure and high temperature combine to form diamonds, which reach the earth’s surface from the mantle via powerful volcanic eruptions. The trip from the upper mantle to the earth’s surface is rapid, locking carbon atoms into the structure of a diamond.

A salt and pepper diamond has black speckles that materialize. These markings are pure carbon, and a suitable analogy is when freckles form on a person’s skin due to overproduced melanin.

The salt and pepper diamond inclusions look white and black, although none are the same. Depending on the salt and pepper diamond ring you purchase (a Hexagon ring or Oval ring for instance), the appearance might be vibrant and bright with a couple of minor blemishes or moody and dark.

It’s then worth mentioning that diamonds can also be green, blue, or orange, based on the present elements in the stone.

Scientific American points out how orange diamonds result from a hyper specific clustering of nitrogen atoms. Alternatively, radiation exposure throughout a stone’s formation on top of its trip to the earth’s surface causes a diamond to turn green. Lastly, boron gets captured in the structure of rare blue diamonds.

What you should look for in a salt and pepper diamond

What Should You Look For In A Salt And Pepper Diamond?

The four factors to consider when purchasing a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring are as follows:

Clarity of the diamond

Since inclusions enhance the appeal of salt and pepper diamonds, clarity isn’t the same type of concern it typically is with most stones. Instead, this unique diamond further distinguishes itself with understated distributions of white and black inclusions. No two salt and pepper diamonds are the same.

Color of the body

Salt and pepper diamonds can be milky, colorless, or they could have flecks of gray, green, or yellow. Combining darker inclusions with a darker body color will make the diamond look darker. The opposite can be said for brighter inclusions with a brighter body.

Cut of the diamond

Given the number of inclusions in a salt and pepper diamond ring, it has a reduced brilliance. Enhancing the diamond’s appearance necessitates a cut that accentuates and emphasizes the inclusions and patterns.

It’s common to get salt and pepper diamonds with rose cuts, step cuts, or geometric shapes such as triangles, pears, kites, and hexagons.

Carat size of the diamond

Salt and pepper diamonds are often more affordable and available, meaning they’re widely available in larger sizes. The price doesn’t exponentially rise just because you increase carat size.

When seeking out the ideal salt and pepper diamond, the primary focus is its inclusions.

While some salt and pepper diamonds include inclusions large enough to impact the durability of a diamond, a reputable jeweler will only carry the highest quality stones that don’t sacrifice strength and durability. It’s wise to discuss with an expert to ensure you purchase a long-lasting stone.

Dispelling salt and pepper diamond misconceptions

Dispelling Salt And Pepper Diamond Misconceptions

There’s an idea that a salt and pepper diamond lacks value because its rareness levels don’t match other colored diamonds. Much like snowflakes, no two salt and pepper diamonds are exactly the same, increasing their rarity and uniqueness.

Price-wise, these diamonds’ value will be driven by the market and the supply. Other factors that define the value of a specific salt and pepper diamond include the inclusions’ intensity, diversity, and aesthetic impact. Furthermore, salt and pepper stones are still diamonds, meaning they’ll always be valuable, although different considerations than other diamonds are at play.

People also falsely believe salt and pepper diamonds are rustic or rough. Any roughness is offset due to the stringent and precise cutting, faceting, and polishing these stones undergo.

Additionally, since there are misconceptions about these stones’ value, there are false notions about how natural they are. Salt and pepper diamonds are 100% natural. Another false assumption revolves around a lack of durability–these stones are highly durable and long-lasting. Salt and pepper diamonds are pure carbon, just like their clear counterparts, and just as strong. People often confuse color differences with points of weakness in the stone. Moreover, they’re more precious because imperfections don’t get removed by lasers, and no two salt and pepper diamonds are exactly the same.

Tips For Salt And Pepper Diamond Care

Cleaning and caring for your salt and pepper diamond ring is just as easy as caring for a traditional white diamond ring. Following these simple steps on a monthly basis will ensure your one of a kind ring doesn’t lose its luster.

  1. Prepare the cleaner. Use warm water to fill a large mug before adding a small amount of cleanser or gentle soap.
  2. Soak. Allow the ring to soak in the cleansing mixture for a couple of minutes.
  3. Scrub. Take a soft toothbrush to scrub the band, setting, and stone (ensuring that you clean beneath the diamond).
  4. Rinse. To ensure you don’t lose your ring down the drain, be sure to cover the drain of the sink. Then, rinse the ring under warm water from the tap.
  5. Dry. Put your blow dryer on a cool setting to get rid of water spots, or use a cloth to pat the ring dry. Voila, your ring should be sparkling clean!

Regular ring cleaning can also be accomplished with the Ultrasonic Cleaner. This provides the same cleaning performance and sparkling results you get from a visit to a professional jeweler. Micro-vibrations safely and effectively scrub your ring clean, and leave it looking showroom new! Used with our foaming cleaner, or a drop of gentle soap will yield the best results.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Aside from regular cleaning, removing the ring when you wash your hands or take a shower is an excellent preventative measure to mitigate wear and tear.

Why you should consider a salt and pepper diamond

Why You Should Consider A Salt And Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

A salt and pepper diamond engagement ring is ideal for someone who desires an alternative engagement ring.

This unique diamond comes in a wide variety of colors (e.g., milky, silver, icy white, darker black/gray). So, there’s plenty of flexibility with choices, allowing for optimal creativity and personal expression.

Moreover, since these stones aren’t the traditional choice, anybody wearing a salt and pepper diamond ring will differentiate themselves from other brides-to-be.

These diamonds are also perfect for any soon-to-be-married couples on a budget. You aren’t sacrificing in the way of quality, durability, or aesthetic design while saving tons of money compared to purchasing another stone.

Why choose Point no Point

Why Choose Point No Point for A Salt And Pepper Diamond?

Yes–when compared to purchasing traditional diamond rings, salt and pepper diamond rings save you money. Regardless, you’re making a substantial investment and need to ensure you’re spending your hard-earned cash wisely.

Thus, Point No Point Studio is your top choice for purchasing a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring.

For one, we offer an unparalleled breadth of settings that our competitors plainly can’t match. We also provide customers with CAD rendered models. Every aspect is taken care of in-house, and Point No Point can make any setting, guaranteeing superior quality compared to our competitors.

Additionally, Point No Point backs itself through a partnership with Jewelers Mutual, the oldest jewelry insurance company in existence, for additional assurance. Moreover, unlike other online jewelers, we provide a return label with our deliveries, offering seamless returns and exchanges.

Our vast loose stone inventory allows you as the buyer an unparalleled diamond selection. And our inventory is always growing. Be sure to sign up for our VIP list to be the first to know about new stone arrivals.

On top of that, there are no limits on ring designs. We offer traditional design methods using hand-carved wax, as well as CAD-rendered modeling using a 3D printer to scan the stone with micro precision and build the model according to the center stone. Click here to learn more about our process.

Want to find out more about our salt and pepper diamond engagement rings? Reach out to our customer service team by email, phone, zoom or come visit us to speak to one of our diamond experts.

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