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Custom hexagon diamond necklace

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This customer reached out wanting to design simple prong pendant for herself. She chose a beautiful translucent hexagon diamond. The necklace is made out of 14k white gold with a beautiful wheat chain. 

The .37ct hexagon diamond is held in with 6 prongs, one on each point. 

Total carat weight in the ring: .37 carats


The computer generated images show the actual CAD images we showed to the customer prior to starting work on this piece. When a customer reaches out to us we discuss with the customer the details of the ring they are interested in, then we provide the customer with options and pricing.

Once the customer has decided on the center stone and setting that they want, we can produce CAD images like these shown here to provide the customer with an idea of how the finished piece will look.

Each of our diamonds are all one of a kind. They are created by mother nature and all have unique speckling, tones, and marbling that is completely natural and unique to each diamond like a fingerprint.

We do have a wide selection of loose stones and can recreate this ring or another design for you with a different loose stone. Check out the hundreds of loose diamonds we have below or by clicking this link.


Once you reach out to us with your custom order specifications, we will work with you to go over all the details of the piece. Please email us at along with any additional ideas, styles, gold type, and budget. If you have found a stone in our loose stone inventory please let us know what caught your eye!