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1.50 Carat Canadian Salt and Pepper Brilliant Cut Round Diamond

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Stone Details:

1.50 Carat Canadian Salt and Pepper Brilliant Cut Round Diamond
Canadian OriginšŸGahcho Kue Mine
Stone:Ā Natural DiamondĀ  Ā Ā 
Cut:Ā Brilliant Cut Ā Ā 
Shape:Ā Round
Carat Weight:Ā 1.50
Clarity:Ā Semi-Translucent
Measurements (LxWxD):Ā 7.04mm x 4.64mm
Hand model size 5
(for video reference)

We have a very rare opportunity to offer these Canadian origin salt and pepper diamonds to our customers. Salt and Pepper diamonds have only been discovered in the Gahcho KuƩ mine in Northern Canada. We have a very limited quantity of these stones due to the very limited supply on the market.

Each of our Canadian Origin diamonds can be traced to the sourceĀ 

Diamond Provenance documentationĀ 

Included with your purchase you will receive a digital folder containing:Ā 

  • Canadian diamond serial numberĀ 
  • Video of diamond in rough formĀ 
  • Video of diamond after it has been cutĀ 
  • About Gahcho KuĆ© Mine
  • Signed diamond accreditation by diamond dealer
  • DiamondĀ CertificateĀ 
Product Number: 441-22-37 / 23331-01

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