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Looking for the perfect stack?

Here's How It Works:

Each and every one of our stones are all cut by hand. Because we work with hand cut stones it is extremely important to get precise measurements of the stone. We achieve this by scanning each individual stone into our computer system. From there we build every engagement ring from scratch around the center stone. Even if it is a setting we've made before we still do the extra work of building the entire setting around the stone to ensure a perfectly fit setting. Because we have that CAD file on hand, we can then use that information and measurements to build your wedding ring. We open up the existing CAD file we have of your engagement ring and then build the wedding ring right around it to ensure the prefect stack of rings!

Which Wedding Ring Stacks with My Engagement Ring? 

Any wedding ring will stack! Because we have the CAD file of your engagement ring, we can build any wedding ring to stack. You can shop from hundreds of options we have on our site, or we can make you something completely custom. 

How Do I Purchase My Wedding Ring?

We do not charge any extra to build your wedding ring to stack with your Point No Point Studio engagement ring. You can just find a wedding ring you like on our website and purchase it. We then pull up your CAD file that we have from your engagement ring and build the wedding ring right around it so they match perfectly!

Like No One Else!

We believe in bespoke work. Customers often invest a lot of time thinking about the engagement ring and think anyone can make a wedding ring to fit, but that isn't the case. Most jewelry stores do not make a separate CAD file or make a custom setting for every stone they work with and instead can only offer a couple of wedding rings as options that pair with an engagement ring.  It is something we take great pride in offering. It is important to invest the time to build the wedding ring from scratch like we do, it's the only way to ensure a perfect stack!