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Ring Selection For The Eco-Conscious Bride


Eco-friendly salt and pepper diamond rings

Being socially conscious is a far more significant priority for couples in 2022 than at any other point in history. Future brides and grooms prioritize sustainability, natural alternatives, and environmental impact more than ever.

This shift in perspective has led couples to view their jewelry far differently, especially given the advent of the eco friendly engagement ring. Proposing with a sustainable, unique diamond symbolizes a couple’s commitment to their shared love and the planet's long-term health.

In this article, we’ll explore how couples can choose the ideal eco friendly engagement that best represents their lasting bond:


What Is An Eco Friendly Engagement Ring?

Environmentally friendly diamonds

An eco friendly engagement ring is made of two parts: recycled eco friendly, non-newly mined gold and made with a diamond extracted from mines using ethical and sustainable practices. This way, fewer resources are utilized, thus protecting otherwise vulnerable communities and lands.

We have been committed to using eco friendly recycled gold since 2011. Recycled gold is the same molecular composition as non-recycled gold, but is not from newly mined sources. We purchase our recycled gold from a refiner in Virginia that collects gold from various sources: old jewelry, computer conductors, and even dental fillings. The gold is tested, purified, sorted, cleaned, and then made into casting grain which we use for our castings. We do not purchase or use customers' metals but we can connect you with our refiner that can give you the market value for your piece.

What It Means To Be Eco Friendly

Eco friendly salt and pepper diamond engagement

A History Of Questionable Ethics

It’s no secret that unethical mining techniques don’t have much regard for ecosystems and communities. These less-than-reputable mining companies are exploitative, tearing apart the surrounding local populations.

Precious metal mining has contributed exponentially to widespread soil erosion, local community displacement, humanitarian atrocities, and climate disaster. Moreover, miners are denied health and safety protocols and fair wages.

The Rise Of Environmentally Conscious Mining Companies

There is a growing pushback against less-than-ethical mining methods. Environmentally conscious mining companies are finding sustainable ways to extract diamonds and lessen their negative environmental impact.

Other companies have a mission to protect and restore ecosystems and habitats adversely impacted by the mining industry. In countries like Botswana and Namibia, there has been success in putting environmental safeguards in place for their diamond mines. Additionally, the Canadian Arctic has become heavily regulated, given the delicacy of its ecosystem.

On many occasions, local ecosystems appeared to be in an unreconcilable state of disrepair. Yet, these communities have worked to reintroduce native species, fill mining pits, and replace lost topsoil, effectively turning things around.


The Importance Of A Ring’s Design

Be mindful of a diamond ring’s design.

Uncover whether your ring’s precious metals are recycled and refined instead of newly minted. Another crucial factor is a jeweler’s manufacturing process. A couple’s chosen company should practice responsible conversations and ethics.


Researching Your Retailer

Investigating the jeweler selling you an engagement ring will better your chances of finding the ideal eco friendly engagement ring. Some signs you’re shopping with the right retailer:

Be conscious of greenwashing. Determining which companies are authentic and honest about their eco friendliness isn’t straightforward since many will pretend to be to attract your business.


Recycling And Sustainability

Diamond mining can be one of the most destructive industries across the globe. A single wedding ring generates 20 tons of waste, leading to the following pitfalls:

  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Injured workers
  • Polluted land
  • Displaced communities

On top of diamonds, the mining of gold, tungsten, platinum, titanium, and silver mining can severely impact the environment.

Avoid adding to these wasteful practices by sourcing recycled metals and investing in an alternative engagement ring. For example, our Salt & Pepper Diamond collection–like the rest of our unique jewelry–includes only 100% recycled materials at PNP.

We are a proud Harmony Authorized Partner; our jewelry is crafted exclusively using 100% recycled metals. Every piece is hallmarked with a purity stamp. For more information, check out our Materials page


Why You Should Consider An Eco Friendly Diamond

Given that you prioritize the planet's future, buying an eco friendly engagement ring for your bride-to-be is your only option when it’s time to pop the question.

Ultimately, environmentally conscious couples won’t feel right if they know a symbol of their love contributes to unethical, unsustainable practices. Sticking to your ethics when purchasing your eco friendly alternative diamond will more accurately reflect your shared values as a couple. It will remind you of the strength of your bond and your unified commitment to the planet’s long-term health.

Furthermore, you’ll know that your purchase supports human rights and safety, as ethical jewelry ensures miners remain protected while performing their jobs.

Other advantages of eco friendly engagement rings are their support for small businesses, craftsmanship, and shopping locally. Local materials minimize a company’s carbon footprint by removing the “middlemen” from the equation. In turn, there’s a stimulating effect on local economies as evidenced by prices in line with fair labor costs.

Why You Should Choose Point No Point For An Eco Friendly Diamond

Point No Point’s essence is rooted in the rustic beauty, mountains, beaches, and forests of Washington State. In fact, the name Point No Point is inspired by Puget Sound’s oldest lighthouse.

Our jewelry, such as our Salt & Pepper engagement rings, blend the natural world with subtle hints of classically designed jewelry.

Moreover, we focus on alternative engagement ring options, bucking the traditions focused on crass consumerism and wasteful, unethical practices.

This approach isn’t possible without an unyielding commitment to green business practices. The beauty fueling our passion only exists because of the world’s vast, picturesque ecosystems. So, it’s ingrained deeply in the Point No Point DNA to only deal in environmentally conscious products and practices.

We also embrace the notion that there’s a story in every engagement ring.

Separating us from other jewelers is our ability to pinpoint individual peculiarities and the unique characteristics that other experts often miss. Then, we’ll mount them in a style that best highlights their distinctive qualities.

As such, we can help you find the ring that best represents your relationship and the love that fuels it.

Don’t settle for just any eco friendly engagement ring. Instead, shop with a company like Point No Point that balances ironclad ethics and cost efficiency with the utmost quality.

Contact PNP today to learn more.

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