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From Bridal Party to Bride and Groom

How did you and your partner meet?

We were both part of a bridal party for a friends wedding.

Describe the moment you knew they were the one:

After I had oral surgery he came and picked me up; I was bloody, swollen, and in a lot of pain. I was not looking too hot but he didn't care, in fact he began calling me his 'toothless wonder'. 

Can you share the details of the proposal?

It happened on an early morning in Southern Oregon on Roxy Ann Peak (a location that holds a special place in my heart). I knew it was coming since he was acting suspicious and he kept saying "today's a big day!" 

How did you celebrate after the engagement?

We saw friends and family the day of the engagement, then we went on another hike and went whitewater kayaking!

Do you have any advice or tips for others planning a proposal?

Make sure to have your engagement ring custom made at Point No Point Studio with your significant other!

Can you share your experience with selecting and purchasing your engagement ring from Point No Point Studio?

We went together to the store in Snohomish to pick out a center diamond that we both liked. We didn't make the final decision that day, so the diamond I liked actually got shipped down to San Diego for the opening of the La Jolla location. I was so sad thinking that I may have lost my forever diamond. I requested that it come back to me and that's when I knew that particular Salt and Pepper Diamond was meant to be with me forever! 


Jensine and Dan are excited for their wedding on June 22, 2024

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