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An Exploration of Canadian Diamond Engagement Rings

Renowned for their unparalleled brilliance and ethically sourced origins, Canadian diamonds have captured the hearts of discerning jewelry enthusiasts worldwide. At Point No Point Studio, we prioritize a commitment to sustainability and ethically-sourced diamonds to provide accessible options for eco-friendly consumers and are thrilled to offer jewelry made with Canadian diamonds. 

What are Canadian Diamonds?

When thinking about where diamonds are typically found, Canada typically isn’t top of mind despite being one of the five highest diamond-producing countries in the world. Canadian diamond mining began in 1991 and has substantially increased since then. These diamonds are largely coveted for their highly-ethical production and are for this reason oftentimes more expensive than diamonds sourced from other locations.

Diamonds typically do not vary in appearance simply because of their country of origin, and differences in appearance will come down to the cut, color, carat size, and clarity of the stone. The majority of diamonds mined in Canada are white or near-colorless, but they do produce other types including colorful yellow and Point No Point Studio’s favorite, salt & pepper diamonds

Why are Canadian diamonds more ethical than other diamonds?

Canadian diamonds are largely considered to be some of the most ethical diamonds you can purchase due to responsible labor practices, conflict-free mining, and Indigenous community involvement. The Canadian government places strict restrictions to ensure that each diamond is mined and processed in an ethical way. There is even a Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct which outlines principles to which the diamond industry must adhere, ensuring traceability, environmental sustainability, and ethical sourcing. 

How to identify a Canadian diamond?

Canadian diamonds are known for their traceability, the fact that they can be tracked from mine to market, to ensure that the end customer knows their diamond is 100% conflict-free. When purchasing any diamond, Canadian-sourced or otherwise, it’s important to remember to use credible suppliers and jewelers who can provide authentication. 

When you purchase a Canadian diamond from Point No Point Studio, you will receive a Canadian Origin Certificate that is signed by the Canadian source that we purchased the stone to authenticate its origin. You will also receive a Gemological laboratory authenticity certificate which confirms its authenticity by a third-party. This is in addition to a thumb drive with a video of the stone prior to it being cut, a video of it after it is cut, and an in-house ring certificate that provides additional information about the ring. 

Are Canadian Diamonds More Expensive?

Ethical sourcing plays a large role in overall cost of stones. Canadian salt and pepper diamonds are on average 30% more expensive than other salt and pepper diamonds. While these stones may cost more than others, they are some of the most ethically sourced and hand-selected salt and pepper diamonds on the market. Their unique cuts, quality, and sourcing make them the perfect choice for an ethically-conscious bride looking for a one-of-a-kind stone. 

What Makes Point No Point Studio Canadian Diamonds Special?

Many diamonds are typically mass-cut, Canadian-sourced, or from other places. These mass-produced and cut Canadian stones oftentimes have what’s known as a Canada Mark that’s engraved on the stone, but isn’t visible to the naked eye. These diamonds are often sourced in Canada, but mass cut in other countries like India.

At Point No Point Studio, our collection of Canadian diamonds are not only Canadian-sourced but given the unique nature of the stones, are all also hand-cut in Canada, which is why they are not laser-engraved. Since they are hand-cut, we are able to offer much more unique shapes compared to mass-cut stones. 

Salt and pepper Canadian diamonds are only mined from one source in Canada, making our collection that much more special. We feel especially lucky to be one of the only jewelers that can offer Canadian salt and pepper diamonds. Our salt and pepper diamonds are hand-selected and hand cut to ensure only the highest quality and cuts to best showcase our unique designs.

Why get a ring from Point No Point Studio?

If you are seeking an ethical and unique option for an engagement ring, Point No Point Studio is perfect for you. Our commitment to ethical jewelry extends to all of our products, not just those with Canadian diamonds. Every single diamond sold is sourced by a dealer we trust to ensure that we are sourcing only conflict-free diamonds that adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification

In addition to ethically sourced stones, each piece is made with eco-friendly gold and platinum. We understand the environmental strain that comes with mining precious metals which is why we exclusively use metals from non-newly mined sources. Learn more about our materials and commitment to sustainability here

Looking for your own Canadian diamond ring? Explore our collection here
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