Level 2 Resin Model

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For customers with engagement rings from other jewelers, antique jewelry, etc.

If you are interested in a stock wedding band as shown on our site (i.e. no customizations to the depth/contour, shape, etc.) and are wondering if it will fit with your engagement ring, we can print a resin model of the band for you and mail it to your house to try on with your ring. 

  • If it does fit, then you can just order the wedding band that we have listed online. Since we aren't customizing it then the price is exactly as shown online.
  • If it does not fit, and you need a more customized version, we can do that for you and make it to fit with your engagement ring. We have options for doing that online on our website in our FAQ page here, scroll to the bottom to find the point about custom wedding rings. 

Only add this listing to your cart if prompted by customer service at info@pointnopointstudio.com. Once purchased, please respond to info@pointnopointstudio.com to confirm your purchase and the wedding band style you are interested in. 

The cost to make and mail a resin will be $100 plus shipping.