.72 Carat Brilliant Cut Emerald Shaped White/Clear Diamond

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.72 Carat Brilliant Cut Emerald Shaped White Diamond
Stone: Natural Diamond
Cut: Brilliant Cut
Shape: Emerald
Carat Weight: .72
Clarity: I1
Color: Translucent; G
Measurements (LxWxD): 5.76mm x 4.32mm x 3.01mm
*GIA certification included with this diamond*
We do not sell individual loose stones to customers. Please view our Custom Order ProcessIf you would like to use a loose stone for a completed piece of jewelry, please email info@pointnopointstudio.com and reference the product number of the stone you are interested in, along with any additional ideas, styles, gold type, budget, etc.
Product Number: 20170314_2161982172