CAD Design Deposit for Lauren - 5.12.22

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Custom CAD deposit for Lauren, purchasing CAD deposit with Affirm.

Affirm requires all purchases to be a 'physical product' - customer will be charged for shipping. Total cost of $1,200 CAD + shipping fees will be credited towards the price of the ring. 


If you are interested in getting engagement ring CAD render prior to purchase, please purchase this deposit listing as directed by customer service

  • If you decide to move forward with the design, the deposit will be credited toward the price of the completed piece.
  • If you do not move forward with the design, $400 of the deposit is non-refundable.

Purchasing this listing allows us to spend dedicated time on your design, either sketching, planning, stone sourcing, CAD design, or a combination of those.  

Please select the ring size you need from the size chart so we can create the CAD in the correct size for you. 

This deposit covers (1) style design rendering in CAD, and allows for a few (~1-2) minimal tweaks to the design after initial render is complete. If you decide to go in a completely new direction for your custom piece, or want to see a different stone in the same style, additional fees will apply.