2.32 Carat Grey Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, 14k White Gold

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Grey Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

The ring features a beautiful one of a kind natural grey rose cut diamond. The diamond is a top quality natural certified diamond and is non enhanced or treated. The diamond is translucent and has amazing natural smokey bands in the diamond. The diamond originates from Brazil. The color, size and cut of this diamond make it a one of a kind unique diamond.

The rose cut diamond has been set in a low profile halo setting. The halo contains .01 carat white diamonds, each 1.3mm in diameter. Each of the diamonds in the band is set in a tiny prong setting, which displays more of the diamond and enhances sparkle.  The ring band measures 1.7 mm wide x 1.7mm thick. The entire ring is made of eco friendly 14k white gold.

Diamond Details:

Pear rose cut diamond- 2.32carats and measures 10.56mm x 7.42mm Clarity: translucent
Halo- each diamond is .01 carat,  SI-GH diamonds

*Diamond Certification included

*Ring Options:
Use the drop down menu to select if you would like to order the engagement ring or the engagement ring and wedding band.


Eco Friendly and Sustainable: This ring is eco friendly and made from sustainable sources because the gold used is recycled and from non-mined sources. All diamonds are conflict free.


*Processing and Shipping:
Please allow 4-5 weeks for processing.
Once the ring ships out after the time stated above delivery time for orders in the US is about 2-3 and 3-5 business days for international orders.