1.07ct Tapered Hexagon Diamond

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1.07ct  Tapered  Hexagon Diamond
Stone: Natural Diamond    
Cut: Rose Cut   
Shape: Tapered hexagon     
Carat Weight: 1.07ct   
Clarity: Salt & pepper
Measurements (LxWxD): 9.12X4.52X2.91MM
Baseline Pricing
The cost to use this diamond in a 14k rose, white, or yellow gold solitaire prong setting would be $3,104 USD. 
Any customizations or changes will increase the price accordingly. 
We do not sell individual loose stones to customers. Please view our Custom Order ProcessIf you would like to use a loose stone for a completed piece of jewelry, please email info@pointnopointstudio.com and reference the product number of the stone you are interested in, along with any additional ideas, styles, gold type, budget, etc.
Product Number: L- 20200507_01
1.07ct  Tapered  Hexagon Diamond
1.07ct  Tapered  Hexagon Diamond
1.07ct  Tapered  Hexagon Diamond